Apple is pushing apps like Spotify from the iOS Dock

Image source: Brett Jordan

iOS developers claim that Apple Music beats Spotify’s best competitor, but Apple insists that’s a bug.

This behavior indicates that Apple is promoting the original app through Spotify. Still developer Kevin Archer Say This happens when a third party app is in the fourth dock slot. This behavior is not limited to music apps, and Apple will meet any alternative first-party apps. However, Apple Music prioritized the dock and even removed other company apps from that slot.

When you first set up your iPhone, it comes pre-installed with plenty of apps in the four dock slots. Users can uninstall and reinstall default apps like Apple Music from the App Store if they wish. Since the Apple Music app is pre-installed on the fourth dock, it will always default to that location if reinstalled. Third-party apps like Spotify don’t try to reinstall themselves in the dock because the operating system informs the dock behavior.

This behavior results from a programming anomaly rather than intentionally trying to drive out competitors. Apple has stated that this was a mistake and that the company would “consider it”.

The company has been on the defensive about iOS and its App Store, especially since the Antitrust complaint that culminated in an investigation into whether the tech giant was taking advantage of shareholder power to stifle their competition. Among leading technology CEOs, Apple’s Tim Cook has previously testified to the US House Antitrust Subcommittee in 2020.

Cook denies that his company engages in a “copy, acquire and kill” strategy, claiming that it “does not have a dominant market share in any of the markets in which we do business.” Apple insists that it treats every developer in the iOS App Store fairly and that its rules are open and transparent.

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“Starting with 500 apps, the App Store currently hosts more than 1.7 million apps – only 60 of which are Apple software,” said Cook. official speech Before reading the subcommittee. “Obviously, if Apple is the gatekeeper, what we’ve done is open the gate wider. We want to have every app we can make available in the Store, not turn it off.”

He continued, “The App Store evolves over time, and every change we make is to provide a better experience for our users and attractive business opportunities for developers.”