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Apex Legends Mobile will soon open a closed beta test in this country, Indonesia gets


KONTAN.CO.ID – Apex Legends Mobile is entering the stage soon closed beta test in several countries in Southeast Asia. Good news, Indonesia also gets to the stage closed beta Apex Legends Mobile, are you ready?

Are you impatient to try Apex Legends Mobile? There is good news, Apex Legends Mobile will soon enter the stage closed beta test in several Southeast Asian countries.

Including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, gamers those who live in these three countries can try out the Apex Legends Mobile stage closed beta test next.

As we know, Apex Legends Mobile has entered the closed beta test some time ago in India and the Philippines. Respawn Entertainment via its official Twitter account (@Respawn) finally give equal opportunity to gamers who live in another country.

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Speaking of Apex Legends, games battle royale this one was first released on platform PC. To play Apex Legends on a PC or laptop, the specifications must be adequate in order to get the best experience.

Because, games battle royale this one is not friendly enough for some laptops or PCs that have mediocre specs. Does Apex Legends Mobile also need powerful HP specifications?

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Apex Legends Mobile

HP Apex Legends Mobile Specifications

Quoting from IGN India, to play Apex Legends Mobile at least you have to use smartphone with the following specs:

  • Android: Minimum Snapdragon 625 or above.
  • iOS: Minimum A11 Bionic or above (iPhone 8 and above)

Unfortunately the specs above are not officially announced by Respawn or EA. However, it is possible that the official specifications that will be announced will change.

Because Apex Legends Mobile is still in the closed beta test aka testing. If you are interested in trying it, Android users can do it pre-register directly on Google Play Store or click link the following.

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