Apex Legends Mobile Legends Recommendations that Beginners Must Use


Jabarekspres.com – There are still many people who play the Apex Legends Mobile game for the first time or are beginners who still haven’t mastered the legends or characters they use. As a result, their ability to play Apex Legends Mobile is still lacking. So, here are the recommendations for characters or legends that must be used by beginners in Apex Legends Mobile.



The recommendation for Apex Legends Mobile legends that must be used by beginners is Bloodhound.

You could say Bloodhound is a basic character from similar fps games.

This is because passive skills and active Bloodhound skills have the same function, which is both to detect or know the presence of the enemy.

Bloodhound’s passive skill is called Tracker. This passive skill is useful for seeing traces or clues left by the enemy. Be it footprints, battle marks and other activities that the enemy has carried out within a certain period of time.

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Active skill Tactical Bloodhound named Eye of the Alfather. This skill is used to find out enemies and traps around by scanning the surrounding area with a certain distance. However, you should be wary, because if Bloodhound activates this skill. Bloodhound’s scanner signal will be visible to the enemy. Although they were not detected by him because they were outside the range of Bloodhound’s scan.

For the Ultimate Bloodhound active skill named Beast of the Hunt. This skill is useful for seeing footprints in realtime, moving faster, and having higher durability, making it difficult for enemies to kill.

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In addition, Ultimate Skill Bloodhound also has effects such as a thermal scope. As a result, Bloodhound’s view will change like a thermal scope. This makes it easier for us as Bloodhound users to see and find enemies.


The next Apex Legends Mobile legend recommendation is Gibraltar or commonly called GB.

GB is a tank or shielded fortress type legend where he acts as a fortress or team defense.

In accordance with his type, GB has Passive skills and Active Tactical skills that are defensive, but he has Ultimate skills that are semi offensive.

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GB’s passive skill is called Gun Shield. As the name implies, GB will activate its shield if it is in the aiming position.

For GB’s Tacticall active skill called Dome of Protection. This skill is useful for protecting the team from any attack. GB will throw a shield generator that is shaped like a dome and protect everyone who is in it for a certain period of time.

GB’s ultimate skill is called Defensive Bombardmen. As previously stated, GB’s ultimate skill is semi offensive. In this skill, GB will throw a smoke grenade that aims to provide information on the area that artillery wants to drop indiscriminately in that area.

However, this ultimate skill can also be used as protection when combined with his tactical skills.


Lifeline is the next Apex Legends Mobile legend recommendation.

He is a support type legend or Combat Medic.

Lifeline has a passive skill in the form of combat revive. This passive skill is very useful for battle royale games. With this passive skill we can revive or revive our friends or team from a knock position without having to wait for our friends or team to rise again. Because he will order his medical robot to do the work.

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Lifeline’s tactical skill is called DOC HEAL DRONE. In this tactical skill, he will use his medical robot to heal himself and other players’ wounds automatically without using a medkit or syringe at all.

Ultimate Lifeline skill called Care Package. Yup, only Lifeline can get legend items or good items for free without having to wait or look for them in high tier loot places. Lifeline will call a care package it owns and drop it where indicated.


The latest Apex Legends Mobile legend recommendation is Bangalore.

Bangalore is an assaulter or Professional Soldier type legend.

Bangalore’s passive skill is called Double Time. This passive skill will be active when Bangalore is being fired upon. He will have additional speed when running when being shot at by enemies.

Bangalore’s tactical skill is called Some Launcher. Bangalore will fire smoke grenades at the target you want to aim at to create smoke cover that is useful for escaping or confusing the enemy.

Rolling Thunder is Bangalore’s ultimate skill. Similar to Gibraltar, Bangalore will throw a smoke grenade which aims to drop a lot of rockets into the area you want to go to. The rocket will hit the ground first and then explode. The explosion from this rocket can cause high damage and can cause a slowness effect on the enemy affected by the explosion.

So those are the recommendations for Legends that must be used by beginners who want to play Apex Legends Mobile. (mrg)

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