Apex Legends Mobile is coming to Android and iOS next week


Having previously entered the beta stage in seven Southeast Asian countries, Apex Legends Mobile is coming next week for Android and iOS users around the world.

Apex Legends Mobile will be officially launched for gamers around the world. EA and Respawn Entertainment along with Tencent as the developer of this game will release this one game on Android and iOS devices on May 17, 2022.

Previously, the two companies had carried out beta testing within the past year in seven countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Launching from the page The Verge (12/5), they involved many players in beta testing the Android and iOS versions of the Apex Legends Mobile game.

In the Apex Legends Mobile launch trailer for the mobile platform, it was revealed that currently various features will be playable for free. Several characters from the PC and console versions will be present, as will the three-player squad game mode and other features.

What’s interesting is that the game, which has just entered season 13, will feature new characters, one of which will be exclusively available on mobile devices. In addition, there will also be several exclusive features, including special modes and social bonds from players.

Finally, in this series of mobile game launches, EA and Respawn Entertainment are offering pre-registration rewards based on how many people signed up for the mobile version. This information users can unlock by entering their info for the Android version or details on its iOS release.

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