Apex Legends Mobile Game Will Be Released Globally May 2022


HARIANHALUAN.COM – The battle royale game, Apex Legends Mobile will finally be released soon and players who want to try this game around the world can experience it.

This is because the FPS game that was originally released on the PC will now have a global release date on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Will Be Released Globally!

This news was reported directly by Mobile Design Director Jordan Patz who revealed that the game will be released worldwide in May 2022.

He also revealed that the game, which had soft launches in several countries, made him and his team know a lot about the game. Including in Indonesia, Apex Legends Mobile itself can be downloaded and played in several countries.

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However, for the details of the content itself, there is no information regarding what things will be launched and added to the global Apex Legends Mobile update in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile Leaks

At the time of its release later, there will be more than 10 legends that can be played. What’s more, players can explore the World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps with the exclusive Ranked Play mode.

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