Apex Legends Mobile Announces Will Release Beta Version in LATAM Region


Release Apex Legends Mobile looks like it still has to go through a phase beta which is quite long. The reason is, Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they will open access beta for the latest regions. On their official Twitter account, players in the Latin American region (LATAM) will get a share to try out the version beta from Apex Legends Mobile.

This means that LATAM will be the third region that has the opportunity to be the target of EA’s trials before releasing it officially Apex Legends Mobile. India’s regional first will be the first in April 2021 for approximately a month. Then, the SEA region was listed in the second wave and only three countries were given quotas, namely the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia in July 2021.

From the EA announcement, access beta for regional LATAM will be opened on September 21, 2021. As in the previous phases, device who can access newly opened for gadgets Android based only. For iOS users, it seems they still have to be patient to be able to feel the excitement Apex Legends Mobile the.

For Android users, not all specifications can support, only those with Snapdragon 625 and above can. Even then, you need to open about 3GB of memory space to be able to download the application on the Play Store.

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The registration method for the LATAM region is the same as the previous regions. You need to do pre-register first and later will be shared access when login in-game. Not only that, there will be an email confirmation for those who get access to be asked for criticism and suggestions during the trying phase beta.

Apex Legends Mobile for Latam regional release.

Apex Legends Mobile for Latam regional release. Via


Considering the end of September, access will only be opened for the third region, it looks like Apex Legends Mobile will only be released globally at the end of 2021 or no later than 2022. because feedback from the players will be considered for further development.

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