Apex Legends Legends Mobile Open Global Pre-Registration



Having previously launched early access for selected countries, now Electronic Arts (EA), officially announced that Apex Legends Mobile open pre-registration for gamers around the world. There are various prizes have been prepared.

“Prepare to become legendary with Apex Legends Mobile. New events, limited-time mode, new trailers featuring high-octane teamwork action,” wrote Respawn Entertainment.

Based on monitoring results detikINET from the official social media, Monday (21/3/2022), a link inserted in a Twitter post, directing players to pre-register at Google Play Store. So it seems, this global registration is only for users Android.

Gamers also show great enthusiasm for the shooting game made Respawn Entertainment. Because it was recorded that until this news was made, there were already 7,577,496 players registered. The number will continue to grow and is updated once every seven days on the official site EA.

To welcome the players, developers and publishers themselves have prepared various kinds of rewards. There are at least five prizes that can be owned, provided that all milestones are reached.

They have prepared a Founder’s Badge (500 thousand registrants), Banner Frame – Bloodhound (1 million registrants), Banner Pose – Bloodhound (2.5 million registrants), Epic Skin – R99 (5 million registrants) and Epic Skin – Bloodhound (10 million registrants) registrant).

“This promotional offer ends at Apex Legends Mobile official release. Prizes will be sent to the inbox in the game. Special rewards depend on the number of pre-registrations. For one account, you only get one prize,” said EA.

However, the correlation between platforms is not available. Developers and publishers convey, that Apex Legends Mobile does not carry the crossplay format. So that the game modes that are presented on mobile will not connect with gamers on PC or consoles.

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