Apex Legends Banned 2,000 Cheaters Ahead of Season 10



Respawn Entertainment, as the developer of Apex Legends, announced that it had banned players who cheated. More than 2,000 accounts have been banned.

This happened ahead of the launch of the season 10 update. A total of 2,086 players abused two different cheats in the game.

The first is to exploit the number of Ranked Points (RP), where the number does not decrease when you lose by dashboarding. Second, lying to the system, allows high-ranking players to enter matches at low tiers, with the aim of farming levels, quoted from Comicbook, Wednesday (4/8/2021).

Information on this ban, conveyed by Conor Ford’s Twitter account of Respawn Entertainment, where the number comes from PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox players.

“This is a game ban that has different durations depending on the level of abuse of the cheating method. It’s a shame to miss the new season with something like this. Come back another time and enjoy the game,” said Ford.

He also added that players must learn to follow the rules. Fans who played Apex Legends, might be happy to hear that the developer takes cheating seriously.

The practice of cheating is simple, dashboarding only needs to exit the game before the game ends. Generally, these unsportsmanlike actions are carried out when the player’s team is indicated to be heading for defeat.

The goal is clear, so that they are not affected by the reduction in the RP figure. So, they can maintain their ranking, even if their team loses.

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While the second cheating, gives a loss for those with low ratings. This is because, in terms of game mechanics and experience, high rankings are far superior to new players.

A little information, that the mobile version of this Battle Royale game, has opened pre-landing for the Indonesian region. Every lucky player, can get early access to play it.

However, there is an important note, where this is only available for Android devices. Meanwhile, iOS is still in the development stage of Respawn Entertainment.

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