Apex Legends Announces Soft Launch Including in Indonesia



Respawn Entertainment as a developer, announced the soft launch of the game, namely: Apex Legends Mobile. However, the launch was only valid in several countries, including Indonesia.

“For those in the countries mentioned, please visit the Google Play Store page to pre-register. For all other Legends, wait a minute. We will have more information soon for you,” wrote Respawn Entertainment.

They also outline a list of countries that are entitled to this early access later. Among them, starting from Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. However, it was also conveyed that it is currently only available to users Android only, quoted detikINET from official social media, Friday (4/2/2022).

Meanwhile, before Respawn Entertainment itself has opened a closed beta test for gamers in India and the Philippines last spring. Until finally it was launched to more regions and also in Indonesia.

Apex Legends Mobile specially designed for touch screens. With simplified controls and meticulous optimization and delivers the most advanced battle royale battles available on mobile. It’s a new version, but it’s still the same as the original,” according to Respawn.

Like free-to-play games in general, Apex Legends Mobile can be downloaded and installed for free. It’s just that it’s rumored that, later this will not include paid items that can bring benefits to the gameplay.

Respawn claims, the title of this claim on various platforms except mobile, has collected 100 million gamers. A pretty fantastic number since it was released in February 2019.

The latest information, there is Season 12 titled Defiance, there will be a new map, skin and Legends named Mad Maggie on February 8th. For players who haven’t had time to play the beta test before, you can see a brief preview of Apex Legends Mobile.

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