Apex Legend will be released on smartphones at the end of May


The popular PC/console battle royale game Apex Legend will be available on smartphones globally later this month.

Last February, the popular PC and console battle royale game Apex Legends launched for smartphone in a limited area. The game, dubbed Apex Legends Mobile, is the result of a partnership between Respawn Entertainment and Tencent. Now, the latest report says the game will be released globally.

Apex Legends Mobile announced via Twitter that the game will launch globally later this month. Meanwhile, global initial registration has also been opened since last March.

Reported from Gizmochina (4/5), the game will be available on iOS and Android. This will require approximately 2GB of space for iOS devices and 3GB for Android devices.

Apex Legends Mobile’s gameplay will be similar to the PC and console versions. However, there are some changes such as a shift from first person to third person perspective by default.

For information, Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile game adaptation of the popular Battle Royale PC/console title Apex Legends. The game also offers players the option to form teams of up to three players, with a total capacity of 60 players in a match.

A lot of firefights will be done by players to increase the level of armor. And the most interesting aspect of the game is that each character has different active and passive abilities.

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If you are interested in trying this game as soon as it launches, you can register from now on the Play Store or App Store.