Android’s new star feature will allow you to free up memory space without having to uninstall apps


Google is preparing an option to “archive” applications on Android, with which we can free up to 60% of the space that apps occupy without having to completely uninstall them.

We have already told you on some occasion how to free up space on your Android phones so as not to run out of memory, although the truth is that many users, especially the cheapest devices, kept transferring bitter complaints to Google about how quickly they took care of gigs on their smartphones by installing a few apps and games.

Perhaps for this reason, the giant from Mountain View has designed the It will surely be its next star feature for Androidtelling us on the Android Developers blog how this will work new option of “app file” that very soon will allow us to reduce the size of applications that we use the least without the need to uninstall them completely.

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We carry more and more applications on our Android mobiles, but soon we will be able to “archive” them so that they don’t take up so much memory.

In fact, it is that as the friends of 9to5Google told us, it seems that the “archive” they are developing it is so efficient that it will recover up to 60% of the memory space that an application occupies, all without removing it completely and without having to lose the data stored in it.

Google will make users who always carry their mobiles to the top of applications happy, allowing them with this new ‘app file’ to reduce the size of the ones they use the least up to 60% and without the need to completely uninstall them, losing the configuration data.

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Summarizing a little what Google engineers have explained, this new tool that will be integrated into future versions of Android will work by creating a new type of APK called “APK archived”and which will store the innards of the particular application in a smaller, more compressed package than It will allow us to restore all the data once we need it.returning them to their original size.

Obviously there is no information yet how the option will be presented to users in the frontendnor how the operating system will manage the restoration of this data when we open an archived app, although it will surely appear in the app settings menu and also when keep the icon pressed of a specific app.

What is clear is that the idea is favor the cleaning of our devices allowing us to have more space, all without having to give up the huge list of apps that we normally handle, being able to archive and restore them in a faster and easier process than going through the Google Play Store to uninstall and reinstall, a process that will also clean the app and leave us without our previous data and configurations.

The ‘app archive’ feature will handle smaller archived APKs, which can be restored to their original state easily, thus avoiding the friction of uninstalling and reinstalling an app, and allowing developers to avoid large numbers of uninstalls.

The option will be available to developers when the new Bundletool 1.0although Google already warns that East “app file” will not be functional until released to the public “later this year”we suppose that perhaps with the landing of Android 13 after the summer.

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The developers, yes, will be able to choose not to handle “archived APKs” and that their apps cannot go through the weight loss diet, although that will surely not happen because the archive will prevent a lot of uninstalls and it will allow them to keep their numbers without users suffering from the memory of their phones… Good news!

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