Android 13 will limit access to Sideloaded Apps


Google made changes to Android 13 to limit app access from the file transfer process between devices. It aims to improve user privacy.

Android 13 will reportedly be launched in the next few months. However, now some users can try the beta version. Various changes that will be present began to be revealed and become a conversation. One of them is about the security changes that exist at Google.

Launching from the 9to5google page (9/5), this week Esper has revealed that Android 13 will limit app access from the file transfer process between devices. Android 13 is rumored to have protection to block Sideloaded Apps from haphazardly using the Accessibility API platform.

When the user is about to use a sideloaded app on Android 13, a message will appear saying that the accessibility setting is ‘not available’ for the app. This change in Android 13 is meant to protect the privacy of its users.

Google also revealed that the changes made in Android 13 will further increase the privacy of its users. In addition, the presence of this feature is also intended so that user privacy is not spread when trying to be accessed via Sideloaded Apps.

The Android Accessibility API can be a powerful tool for extending an app’s capabilities when done right. Because this feature is designed to allow developers to present applications that can be used by people with disabilities.

But so far, the API has been misused by various malicious applications to hack its users. So that Google in this case continues to make changes so that the privacy of its users is maintained.

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Earlier on Android 12, Google tried to significantly reduce the use of the Accessibility API. The reduction in the use of the API is carried out on applications that are deemed unnecessary, dangerous and not permitted.

Then in this update, Google took it a step further by making apps that use sideload blocked from using the Accessibility API.

However, this change will not affect the work of all moved apps. Google confirmed that this change will only apply to APK files and not to apps installed from third-party app stores. The reason is to limit applications that come from sources that have low or less legitimate legitimacy.

Then there is also a hidden setting in the app details page that allows phone owners to authenticate their own identities and allow access to the latest features that will be on Android 13.