Android 13 Will Be Optimized for Tablets –

10– Google released several new tools at its annual conference for I/O developers. Devices like the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro are something that was expected to be released. What’s a bit surprising is that Google released not only the Pixel 7, but the Pixel Watch as well.

Google also revealed that they are working on a new tablet, the first Pixel tablet in a long time. There are rumors about the tablet being called the Pixel Slate. Whether the rumors are true or not, this is yet to be known. But Google revealed that they will now focus on tablets.

Like Apple, Google initially paid little attention to tablets when they were first released. The first generation of Android tablets felt like Android phones with large screens.

It wasn’t until Android 3.0 Honeycomb in 2011 that the platform officially introduced some features designed specifically for tablets. But, back then, some of these features felt like immature features.

With Android 12L, Google is starting to lay the foundations for Android to work for a variety of screens and shapes. The reason for the development of Android 12L is the emergence of folding screen phones that continues to grow. Now Google reveals they will focus on large screens starting from Android 13.

Editor : Ranu Ario

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