always-on screen, GPS, smart alarm and more


We have already been able to know the first data of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. This will be the next Xiaomi smart bracelet.

It is one of the series of wearables best-selling in the world, and it is not surprising that Xiaomi intends to continue giving continuity to the Mi Band family. After four years leading the “wearable” device market, the firm already has its sights set on new generation of this successful series of products.

The Xiaomi MiBand 7 It will arrive this year 2022, based on everything learned with previous generations, and introducing interesting improvements with respect to the current Mi Band 6. Today, thanks to a leak, we have been able to access some of these improvements.

Front Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 introduced a completely renewed screen

The news that will arrive with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 have been leaked

Thanks to [una filtraciĆ³n proveniente de XDA](, we have learned that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will raise the level compared to the current generation, introducing novelties such as support for “always on” screenbuilt-in GPS, smart alarm function and a larger screen than in the current edition.

The person who has managed to extract the information from the device ensures that it has the code name “L66”, and that its model number would be M2129B1 and M2130B1.

It has been confirmed that the your screen resolution is 192 x 490 pixels, and that one of its novelties would be the support for “Always on Display” mode. In fact, thanks to several leaked screenshots it has been possible to know what will this mode look like when it remains active.

AoD mode on Xiaomi Band 7

The “Always on Display” mode of the XIaomi Mi Band 7, according to leaked screenshots

To all this we must add the inclusion of GPS integrated into the bracelet itselfand the incorporation of a new function called “Smart Alarm”, which will vibrate the bracelet as an alarm clock thirty minutes before of the scheduled time for the alarm.

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for now, Xiaomi has not commented on the arrival of your new bracelet. It is worth mentioning that the last edition was presented in March 2021, so you may not have to wait too long to attend the presentation of the new one. My Band 7.

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