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Already available on Android and iOS smartphones, the NFC feature is believed to be the technology of the future


Hops.ID – For active users of technology devices, the NFC feature is now available on Android or iOS smartphones.

Reporting from nfc-forum.org, the NFC feature stands for Near Field Communication, which means it is a contactless (wireless) communication technology based on radio frequency (RF) media with a base of 13.56 MHz.

This technology is perfectly designed to exchange data between two devices via simple touch gestures.

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It is known, this NFC feature has become a technology device that must be in android/iOS devices for the upper sector.

Even though for now there is also a medium-sized sector, but the number is not much and the price is still very expensive.

The NFC feature has many benefits! The most commonly used feature in Indonesia is the feature to check toll card balances (e-toll).

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With this NFC feature, you can check the remaining e-toll balance, and the NFC feature on your smartphone can also help to top up your balance electronically through your favorite e-commerce.

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