All the secret codes of your Xiaomi mobile that you should know


We reveal all the hidden functions that you can find on your Xiaomi smartphone.

One of the most popular customization layers for Android, thanks, above all, to the large number of terminals of this brand that are on the marketit is, without a doubt, MIUI, the operating system of Xiaomi smartphones.

If you have a Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi mobile, you have already seen that MIUI is a software layer that includes a large number of features that allow you to personalize your terminal and increase your productivity with functionalities such as the floating ball, but what you may not know is that the operating system of the Chinese giant hides a series of hidden functions that you can activate with the secret codes which we are going to reveal to you next.

Xiaomi secret codes

Discover all the secret codes that your Xiaomi mobile hides

Thus, on this occasion, we have compiled for you a total of 8 secret codes of your Xiaomi mobile that will allow you to execute hidden functions hidden at first sight.

Unlock hidden features of MIUI with these 8 secret codes

The first thing to keep in mind is that, due to the large number of Xiaomi terminals on the marketit is possible that some of the secret codes that we are going to present to you below will not work with yours, since, although they are all compatible with MIUI, depending on the hardware and software of your mobile, some will work and some won’t.

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These secret codes that your Xiaomi mobile hides will allow you to verify certain information about your smartphone that is not available from the menu of Settings and perform tests of some of the components of the terminal to verify that these work properly.

The complete list of the secret codes of your Xiaomi mobile is the following:

  • *#06#: displays the IMEI number of the smartphone
  • ##7780##: performs a hard reset or reset of the terminal to factory condition
  • ##1472365##: run a test of GPS performanceif everything works fine you will not get any message and you will return to the home screen of your mobile
  • ##34971539##: perform a test of camera performanceif they work well you will return to the home screen of your terminal
  • ##3264##: indicates the ram memory version installed on your device
  • ##49862650468##*: show the multi-component firmware of the smartphone
  • ##0588##: run a test of proximity sensor performance
  • ##232331##: make a bluetooth connectivity operation testif no message is displayed, it is working correctly
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As we discover new MIUI secret codes we will update this list so you can know each and every one of the hidden functions that your Xiaomi mobile hides.

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