all about the first tablet with electronic ink screen of the Chinese firm


Huawei presents its first electronic ink tablet at MWC 2022: meet the Huawei MatePad Paper.

If you are someone who often reads on your mobile, tablet or using an electronic book, you cannot miss the huawei latest release within the framework of this Mobile World Congress 2022. The Chinese firm has presented the Huawei MatePad Papera electronic ink tablet which functions in practice as a kind of “digi-evolved” Kindle Paperwhite.

This new Huawei MatePad Paper allows us to read on a large electronic ink screen that respects our eyes and at the same time includes a lot of Additional functions powered by Harmony OS 2.0. It also has support for the M-Penso it has many ballots to become an essential gadget for creative minds. Let’s see everything it offers.

Huawei MatePad Paper, all the features

Huawei MatePad Paper

The screen of the Huawei MatePad Paper is considerably larger than that of the average electronic book

This Huawei MatePad Paper comes to the Huawei family to offer, always according to the brand, “experiences of immersive reading and facilitate simple office tasks“. For this we will have a 10.3-inch screen baptized by Huawei as E-Ink FullView and with which we will have a reading experience very similar to paper.

As we mentioned at the beginning, if we wish we can use this “tablet” with the Second generation M-Pencilsomething that will allow us to take notes as in a notebook ordinary. As if that weren’t enough, we can also enter data by means of dictation or convert handwritten notes into editable text.

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All this will be possible thanks to Harmony OS 2.0, and it is that the Huawei operating system will allow us to connect the MatePad Paper with other brand devices such as mobile phones or computers. In this way we can, for example, send articles or documents from our mobile to the MatePad Paper to read us in a larger, more comfortable interface that will help us combat eye fatigue.

Comes with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory and a total weight of 360 grams. It will go on sale in the coming months at a price of €499 with M-Pencil included and will be available in three colors different: khaki, black and blue.

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