a Wordle with multiplayer mode


Squabble a Wordle with multiplayer mode

People keep playing Wordle! Many believed that it was a fad and that it would only last a couple of weeks. But the game created by Josh Wardle has proven to be so entertaining and addictive that it’s hard to put it down once you learn how to play it. And, if you have read our definitive guide to play Wordle, you are surely already a pro.

Well, if you feel that it is already easy for you to win in Wordle, then we bring you a new challenge: try to guess a word faster than another player or many others in a Battle Royal. Don’t you know what we’re talking about? Don’t worry, here’s Squabble, a game like Wordle but with online multiplayer.

Squabble: a Wordle with multiplayer mode

squabble the wordle with pvp and battle royale

Squabble is a new game very similar to Wordle, since it also consists of guessing words. In addition, it uses the same Wordle color pattern to identify the letters that are or are not in the word. But it differs in that in it you have to face other players to guess the words.

Now, in Squabble you have two ways to compete. The Blitz game mode is where you can directly face 2 or up to 5 players. To win you must guess the letters of the word since this will give you a life point. If you fail in your attempts you will lose these points, so the winner will be the player who survives at the end of the game.

But the really interesting thing about Squabble is its gameplay battle royale. Here you participate in a competition of 6 or 99 players in which there can only be one winner. In the Battle Royale of Squabble each player has a life of 100 seconds that is consumed as time goes by and the only way to get more seconds of life is by guessing the letters of the word.

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How to play Squabble?

Squabble is the same as Wordle, it does not have an app nor is it available in the Google Play Store. This is because it is a web application so to play it you only have to enter from any device (mobile, tablet or computer) to the following link:

play squabble

And you… What are you waiting for to start challenging your friends in Squabble?