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Xiaomi SmartDisplay 10

The ecosystem of Xiaomi products seems to have no end. Although the company has to its credit a huge catalog of devices that connect to each other, and that also can be controlled from the Xiaomi Home appthere was no item that allows you to control them in a more… Intelligent?

Well, this seems to have changed, since now we can access them through a smart screen called Xiaomi Smart Display 10. This is a product that integrates a touch panel, as well as a speakerand that would be like the official intelligent assistant of Xiaomi.

A smart screen that wants to enter your home

Xiaomi smart display

The new Xiaomi Smart Display 10 is characterized by offering a 10.1-inch screen with HD resolutionand with the ability to play any content without any limitations.

As is often the case with this type of product, it has of almost all the connections necessary to interact with other devices: Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi AC dual band. It should be added that it also has internal storage: about 16 GB space and 2 GB of RAM.

Another interesting fact that we cannot leave out is the inclusion of a front camera about 5 MPa lens that allows you to make video calls in a more than acceptable quality.

But what could attract the most attention, especially since it is considered an intelligent assistant, is its bass amp. the same manages to deliver a very high quality soundso there would be no problem when playing multimedia content.

Price and release date of the Xiaomi Smart Display 10

Price and release date Xiaomi Smart Display 10

If this smart screen from Xiaomi has piqued your interest, we have good and bad news for you. The good one has to do with its price, which at the current exchange rate stands at €136; very cheap for everything it offers.

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The bad news is related to its launch. for now, we do not know when it will arrive in Spaininformation that we hope will be revealed over the coming weeks.