a study predicts increases of up to 40% in 3 years


According to this study, in 2024 the spending of users around the world through the billing of operators will reach 73,800 million dollars per year.

Over the last few years, the main mobile telephone operators have included in their rates the possibility of pay for purchases of games, applications or even the monthly fee of our streaming subscriptions like Netflix through the invoice that they charge us each month.

And everything seems to indicate that the expense we make directly from our mobile will increase in the coming yearssince a recent report by Juniper Research and shared by the Business Wire medium, forecasts increases of up to 40% in our mobile bill within a period of 3 years.

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We pay more and more subscriptions through our mobile bill such as the monthly Netflix fee

Over the next 3 years we will make more and more purchases through our telephone operator

This study by Juniper Research reveals that in the year 2024 the cost that users will make through the bills of our operators around the world will amount to $73.8 billionwhat it means 40% more than what we spend between January and December 2021 through telephone bills, since in that period the expense was $54.4 billion worldwide.

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According to this report, the increase in the amount of our mobile bill is due to the contracting of rates with limited data, the purchase of games and the payment of our streaming subscriptions through the billing of our telephone operator.

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This is because the new 5G connectivity, which is already well established in the United States, Europe and Asiaallows us to watch our favorite series with a really high quality, which entails the consumption of lots of GB per month, which is why the most common thing will be that we decide to bet on a rate with unlimited data, which has a higher cost, so as not to run out of data in the middle of the month.

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Call of Duty: Mobile on Android mobile.

In addition, 5G connectivity also allows us play our favorite games anywhere, something that has caused the increase in spending on mobile games, especially the most popular freemium titles such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. In fact, over the last year, spending on mobile video games by smartphone users has not stopped growing and everything seems to indicate that This will continue to increase over the next few years..

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Finally, this study also reveals that the Indian subcontinent will be the main objective of telephone operators for their expansion, since it is expected that within three years half of the indian population have a smartphone.

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