A series of the latest WhatsApp features, can send message reactions


WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is widely used. This application is usually used to send messages, make voice or video calls, to send documents in various formats.

As a widely used digital application, WhatsApp or WA always strives to provide the best service. Recently, WhatsApp is known to release its newest feature. What are the latest WhatsApp features? Check out the full explanation below.

Latest WhatsApp Features

In an upload on WhatsApp’s Twitter account on May 6, it was stated that WhatsApp will launch various new features that make it easier for users to create and maintain personal connections through their service.

Meanwhile, quoting from CNN Indonesia it is mentioned that there are at least five new WhatsApp features. Here’s the full explanation.

1. Community Features

WhatsApp is known to soon launch a community feature that can combine group conversations according to a common theme. The reason is, WhatsApp finds many schools, groups, and non-profit organizations that use this application as a place to communicate and solve various matters.

With the community feature, it is hoped that users can join volunteer groups so they can connect with people they need to contact. In the community feature, later the admin will have the flexibility to send announcements to group members and add or delete the community group.

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2. WhatsApp Reaction

Currently WhatsApp also has features reaction which allows users to respond to messages they receive using emojis. Through this feature, you can react according to the expression of thoughts and feelings that are represented through emojis.

How to use WhatsApp reaction quite easy, here are the steps:

  1. First, open the WhatsApp application on WL You.
  2. Then choose one chat which is on WhatsApp.
  3. Press the message until a menu appears pop up contains a selection of emojis.
  4. Choose one of the emoji according to your wishes.
  5. The selected emoji will appear at the bottom of the message.

3. Delete Message feature by Admin

Another new WhatsApp feature is the deletion of messages by the admin. This feature allows group admins to delete inappropriate messages or problematic messages sent by members of the group.

4. File Transfer up to 2 GB

Previously, WhatsApp only allowed sending files with a maximum of 100 MB. However, currently, the file size that can be sent via WhatsApp has become larger, which is 2 GB. Thus, users will be more flexible in sending documents via this instant messaging application.

5. Voice Call with 32 Participants

In fact, WhatsApp has long introduced a group voice calling feature. Initially, the number of participants in the voice call was only eight people. However, currently the voice call participants can be more or even up to 32 people.

This feature makes it easier for users who want to make calls together with several people. You can also use this feature for discussions or meetings on line.

Latest WhatsApp Web Features

Not only on the mobile application, the latest WhatsApp features are also present on WhatsApp Web. For information, this type of WhatsApp makes it easier for WA users to access short messages from WA via a laptop or computer without the need to download an application.

To be able to use WA Web, users must synchronize between the WA account on their cellphone and the WA Web site on their laptop or computer. In the past, users had to make sure the WhatsApp application on their cellphone was active if they wanted to use WA Web.

However, now WhatsApp has released a feature multi-device which allows users to access WhatsApp via a computer or laptop without the need to connect to a cellphone. Provided, the laptop or computer has registered a WhatsApp account on the user’s smartphone.

Apart from features multi-device, WA Web is also equipped with other new features. Here are some of the latest WhatsApp Web features that you can use.

1. Features for Photo Editing

One of the features on WA Web today is the photo editing feature. With this feature, users can crop, add filters, and change the position of the photo to be sent.

2. Feature to Create Stickers

WhatsApp users must be familiar with the sticker feature. Previously, when we wanted to create stickers, we needed to use third-party applications. But now, WA Web has provided a feature to make stickers easily and practically. As for how to make WA stickers via WA Web, as follows:

  • Open one of the chat rooms in your WA account.
  • Then open the “Attach” button which has a symbol like a paper clip. Then click the “Stickers” icon.
  • Select the image you want to create a sticker on from the laptop or computer you are using.
  • Edit the image as desired.
  • After that click “Send” to send the finished sticker. You can also save the sticker and send it to other users as you wish.

3. Chat Reaction

Just like the WA application on mobile phones, the features Chat Reaction also present on the WA Web service. Through this feature, WA Web users can react to messages they receive.


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