A new view of WhatsApp status on Android is being tested, here’s the design


TRIBUN-MEDAN.com – WhatsApp (WA) updated WA Status to a number of beta users who use the device Android.

This update is a minor overhaul in the interface design (user interface/UI) WhatsApp Status.

More specifically, this minor overhaul only appears on the display WA Status when you want to write text instead of uploading photos or videos.

Based on monitoring KompasTeknosome WhatsApp users have received the WA Status feature update.

This feature update is already present in WhatsApp beta version

So, what does the new WA Status look like and how does it compare to the old version of WhatsApp Status?

In the new WA Status view, there is a layout shift as seen in the image below.

The emoji, text, and color palette icons that were previously on the bottom left have now moved to the top right.

While on the bottom left, it is now inhabited by the “caption view” menu or the setting “who can see WA Status updates” as reported by Kompas, Saturday (14/5/2022)

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