A Mother Who Can Slit Her Three Children


A mother named Kanti Utami in Brebes, Central Java had the heart to kill her own child. Kanti had the heart to abuse her three children in such a sadistic way.

Two of them suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital, while one of their children died on the spot from slashes to the neck.

According to a video circulating on social media, the reason Kanti killed her children was because she was worried that her baby would get yelled at by her father-in-law, Amin. He also felt that he had to save his children from suffering.

Warganet suspects that Kanti is depressed because of the pressures of her life. Currently, the police are still looking for Kanti’s motive for this heartbreaking act.

In terms of psychology, this phenomenon is called Filicide or Filicide What is it?

Murder IllustrationMurder Illustration (UNPLASH)

A scientific report with the title Filicide: A Literature Review published by The University of Manchester, suggests that Filicide can be carried out by either the father or the mother, although there is far less literature on murder by the father than by the mother. Reports say that the killing of children up to 18 years of age is carried out by biological parents, guardians and stepparents.

The study also wrote that these kinds of killings were carried out by parents who had frequent depression, psychosis, previous mental health treatment, and even suicidal thoughts.

Not only that, there are also studies supported by the National Institute of Health. They found about 15 percent of homicide arrests over a 32-year period were filicide.

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Launching from Tempo by Psychology Today, the Philicide phenomenon has existed since about 2000 BC in the ancient Chaldean civilization in Iraq. At that time, a mother who killed her children was considered to have violated the main rules in life, including the maternal instinct to maintain the survival of her children.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information page, there are five categories of parents committing the murder of their children, namely altruistic, acute psychotic, fatal abuse, unwanted child, and revenge on a partner.