A director on trial for private chat “Whatsapp”


Surabaya (ANTARA) – Anwari, who is the president director of a company, has to undergo a trial at the Surabaya District Court for being accused of committing gibah or discussing other people’s disgrace through private conversations. Whatsapp.

Public Prosecutor (JPU) Sabetania from the East Java High Court charged him with Article 45, Paragraph 3, in conjunction with Article 27 Paragraph 3 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2016, related to defamation.

The reporter was Nada Putri Parasti who served as City Manager of Citraland Surabaya.

Public Prosecutor Sabetania, in the trial at the Surabaya District Court, Thursday, explained that the defendant Anwari was the President Director of PT Artorius Telemetri Sentosa (Turbo Net), which in mid-April 2021 installed an internet network at the Citraland Housing Surabaya.

At that time, Nada’s ex-husband was entangled in a case of embezzling company money worth Rp.322 million whose case was investigated by the Sukomanunggal Police Sector (Polsek) Surabaya.

Defendant Anwari then asked the residents of Citraland Housing through a private WhatsApp social media conversation: “Could it be that Mrs. Nada used the Rp322 million to buy a position at Citraland?”

Defendant Anwari also asked 32 residents of Citraland Housing the same question through private conversations Whatsapp. Until the end screenshots from questions via private conversations Whatsapp What defendant Anwari sent to each resident reached Nada’s cell phone, who later reported it as a criminal act of defamation.

Dio Akbar Rachmadan Purba, who acted as attorney for the defendant Anwari, expressed his objection to the article charged by the prosecutor Sabetania.

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“Unless Mr. Anwari spreads on social media the Whatsapp group that is known to everyone, it is only part of the article. We will see our exceptions on the agenda of the trial next week,” he told reporters after the trial.