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8 Ways to Overcome YouTube Video Errors on Android, iOS, and PC : Okezone techno


JAKARTAYouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. This Google-owned company, every minute handles a lot of video uploads.

Adapted from Fossbytes, Sunday (15/5/2022), however, YouTube is only a man-made technology that may have problems.

Problems faced by YouTube could be due to connectivity, server problems, or crashes in the app. Problems can appear on Android, iOS, or PC.

Then, how to solve an error YouTube video? Here are some possible solutions:

1. Check the Internet for YouTube Outage

It is important to find out in advance if the problem you are experiencing has also happened to other people. You do this by accessing the site Down Detector or Down for Everyone or Just Me.

2. YouTube Banned in Your Area

Sometimes in some countries there are blocking or not allowing residents to access YouTube. If you are in this situation, you can use a VPN to access YouTube if you really need it.

3. YouTube Doesn’t Work on the Web

If this happens to Chrome, the first step you have to do is restart your PC and web browser. After that try clearing the old cache on Chrome. Also pay attention to whether there are any suspicious extensions installed in the browser.

Sometimes malicious extensions can get in the way of a web browser’s performance. If it still doesn’t work, try to make sure that the web browser you are using is the latest version. Enable Javascript for YouTube to work properly.

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4. Fix Black YouTube Display Screen

Sometimes if there is a case like the problem is with YouTube which results in the video not being able to play. But, if the problem is in your device, the first step to take is to sign out of the YouTube account and then sign back in. Some tips that might help are the same as clearing the cache and updating the browser you are using.

5. YouTube Shows Green Screen

A green screen may appear when a YouTube video cannot be loaded. If this is the case, the next step is to disable hardware acceleration and update the GPU drivers.

6. Poor Playback Video Quality

You may have experienced videos played in 720p. While when uploaded the quality reaches 4K. This happens because the quality of the internet network is inadequate. For example, if you want to stream 4K quality video without buffering, the connection speed must be more than 20 Mbps.

Video quality that does not match the screen resolution can also be the cause. Finally YouTube limits the video quality according to your device screen.

7. YouTube Not Working on Android

If an error occurs on YouTube on Android, the first step to do is to restart your device and YouTube account. Then clear app data via Settings menu, Storage and clear cache. Make sure no third-party apps are blocking YouTube.

8. YouTube Error on iOS

If YouTube isn’t working on iPhone and iPad, the fix is ​​pretty much the same as on an Android device. Additionally, try updating your YouTube app and iOS version. Check the storage space on the device.

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If it’s close to the limit, there may be problems playing YouTube videos. Finally, make sure cellular data for YouTube is enabled for it to work properly.