7 Ways to Screenshot Windows and Mac ios Laptops, Without Applications


Sonora.ID – The screenshot feature on a laptop is one of the instruments that is often needed to take screenshots in the form of images or record videos from a laptop or PC. There are various ways to screenshot on a laptop either Windows or Mac OS with different functions.

If you don’t know it, please see how to screenshot on a laptop for Windows and Mac OS users without additional applications.

The method below certainly makes it easier for laptop users to capture the screen.

How to screenshot on Windows 10

The screenshot feature on a Windows 10 base laptop can be used with the Print Screen (prtsc) button on the keyboard.

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The prt sc key is located in the top row on the right. However, for some types of laptops, it usually requires another function key to take screenshots.

You have to use other function keys together with prt sc key to take screenshots. Here’s how to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop:

1. Press PrtSc Tombol Button

How to screenshot on some Windows 10 laptops can be done by pressing the PrtSc key on the keyboard.


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