7 things for which WhatsApp could close your account


WhatsApp welcomes all users who want to join on the platform, they only need a phone number to do so. That yes, the norms are clear and it is necessary to respect them, because account closure is always a possibility. If you want to continue using WhatsApp normally, there are certain things you should not do.

There are several reasons why WhatsApp may ban your account, for example, use alternative versions to the official. The company does not like that at all, and it is also not in favor of you using the messaging service in an automated way to send thousands of messages. These spoilers They tell you what we are going to tell you next: The 7 things for which WhatsApp could close your account.

7 things for which WhatsApp could close your account

If you don’t want your WhatsApp account removed, avoid doing this.

Send viruses or malware to other users

WhatsApp may be a source of viruses for your mobile phone, or it may also be the case that you are the one sending these malicious files to other users. As you can imagine, it is totally forbidden to do this if you don’t want your account to be suspended.

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As we have seen on other occasions, a video or a photo can contain a virus in WhatsApp. The user only has to download it and install an app for their device to be infected with a malware. If you are the one in charge of sending these files, which, for example, they can give you access to the contact list of the affected, you will be banned from whatsapp forever.

Send automatic or mass messages

The communication platform also condemns the sending of automatic or massive messages. This was announced by WhatsApp itself in 2019, which opted for this measure to end all spam accounts that were dedicated to spreading content massively.

This measure is part of the set of actions undertaken by WhatsApp to fight misinformation that spreads through the courier service. If you are one of those who uses WhatsApp to send thousands of messages automatically, your account will be suspended.

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Attempt to alter or modify the WhatsApp code

Another thing you should not do in WhatsApp if you do not want to lose your account is alter or modify the application code. If we review the Terms of Service of the platform, we see that within the section “Damage caused to WhatsApp or our users” it is specified that it cannot be “reverse engineer, alter, modify, create derivative works of, decompile or extract code from our Services”.

Therefore, if you want WhatsApp to remain the platform you use to communicate, you better not mess with the code of the application.

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Using unauthorized versions of WhatsApp

whatsapp plus

If you use WhatsApp Plus, the company can delete your account.

The lack of WhatsApp features and customization options led many users to use WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp and other rogue apps. However, this decision can be very expensive, since directly entails the temporary ban of WhatsApp. If you repeat it, the closure of the account will be permanent.

According to WhatsApp, they are unauthorized versions that violate their terms of service. If you want to continue using WhatsApp, it is best to download and install the official version on your mobile.

Excessive use of broadcast lists

Excessive use of broadcast lists is another practice to avoid, as explained in the “How to use WhatsApp responsibly” section. These broadcast lists are used to send messages to all contacts who have saved your phone number. However, if you find it annoying, those users can report your activity.

These reports will alert WhatsApp, which I could proceed to close your account if you overuse and annoy broadcast lists. Again, sending mass messages to other users is a danger to your presence on WhatsApp.

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Create new accounts automatically

If you see the message “Your phone number is suspended on WhatsApp. Contact support for help” when you enter the platform, it may be because you have created new accounts automated or by unauthorized means.

As you can see, the company directly rejects automated actions to end spam and the spread of disinformation. Be careful, because the measures also affect the bulk group creation.

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Sharing personal information of others without permission

Finally, in WhatsApp you cannot use tools to extract personal information from other users and of course you can’t share that data without permission. “Acquiring user information in this way, including phone numbers, user profile photos, and WhatsApp statuses, violates our Terms of Service.”we read on the company’s website.

Therefore, to continue using WhatsApp as an online communication tool you must respect the privacy and security of other users. In addition, you must reject the use of unauthorized alternatives, the sending of viruses and automated actions in bulk. As long as you comply with this, your account will be safe.

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