7 Recommended MOBA Games Android & iOS 2022, Have You Played All of them yet?


KONTAN.CO.ID – Here are 7 recommendations games MOBA Android & iOS 2022, which ones have you played? In the recommendation list games MOBA Android & iOS this time, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also not absent.

Did you know, there are various kinds game genre popular ones. Including genre MOBA or abbreviation of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Game genre This MOBA is popular because it provides a gaming experience games the fun one. Playing as a team, players must cooperate with each other in order to win the game.

Although not infrequently individual ability is also a winning factor, teamwork is prioritized when you play games MOBA.

Talk about games MOBA, it turns out that there are several titles that you can play on Android and iOS devices. Some of the titles may be familiar to some people, but some of them might be a reference if you are bored with games certain MOBAs.

Without further ado, here’s a list of recommended MOBA games on Android and iOS 2022.


1. Lokapala

Lokapala is games MOBA 5 vs. 5 developed by developer in the country Anantarupa Studios. This MOBA game is a esports first time with heroes inspired by local culture and mythology.

Available on Android & iOS, Lokapala MOBA game can be downloaded for free and play with friends. No need for high HP specs, to play Lokapakala only requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

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2. Heroes Evolved

Some people may be unfamiliar with with games This MOBA entitled Heroes Evolved. Not much different from games A typical MOBA, Heroes Evolved delivers a 5 vs. 5 with the aim of destroying the opponent’s base.

More than 100 heroes available with skills unique each that you can play.

One thing that is interesting about Heroes Evolved is the presence of an Observer Ward. This you can use to illuminate folder or dark areas.

That way, you can see the enemy’s movements and attack them immediately. Tactics and strategies like this can be the key to victory when playing games MOBA Heroes Evolved.

3. Onmyoji Arena

Who knows games this one turned out to be adapted into a MOBA. For those of you who may have known Onmyoji before, this was games with genre RPGs.

Adapted to games MOBA, you can use the characters in games Onmyoji filling role and each have their own unique abilities.

The visuals are also interesting, making you feel at home playing Onymoji Arena for a long time.

4. MARVEL Super War

Games This MOBA may be one that must be played if you are a fan of Marvel super heroes. Yes, a bunch of super heroes and villains from Marvel you can play in games this MOBA.

There are at least more than 50 super heroes and villains with their own unique abilities that you can play.

Starting from Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, mutants from the X-Men series, to popular villains like Thanos you can find in MARVEL Super War.

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Have the fun and unique experience of being your favorite Marvel superhero in games this MOBA. Available for free on Android & iOS, play now MARVEL Super War.

5. Arena of Valor (AOV)

If MARVEL Super War brings together super heroes and villains from Marvel comics, Arena of Valor will bring together super heroes and villains from the DC universe.

You can find Batman, Flash, Superman, to the Joker fighting with hero original in Arena of Valor.

Not infrequently, Arena of Valor also presents interesting collaborations. Like this latest collaboration that takes one of the titles anime popular, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

6. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Following trends and popularity games PC released in mobile, Riot Games also do not want to lose this golden opportunity. In 2021 ago, Riot Games finally released League of Legends: Wild Rift, the version of mobile from LoL.

Don’t ask about visuals and gameplayLoL: Wild Rift is well-packaged and mature and easy to play even on a touchscreen.

Even LoL players who previously played via PC don’t need to adapt for a long time to play this Wild Rift. A number of champion which is popular on LoL PC you can also play on the version mobile-his.

Starting from Garen, Jinx, V, Yasuo, to some champion the new release on the PC version is also present in mobile.

7. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is certainly not absent from the recommendations games The MOBA that is popular to date is also in 2022.

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Who doesn’t know the title games MOBA on this one. MLBB comes with specifications that are not too heavy, choice hero a lot, up to skin which makes the players want to collect.

It doesn’t end there, esports scene Mobile Legends is also growing rapidly domestically and several countries in Southeast Asia. Several events and collaborations that were present also made players feel at home playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Here’s a list of recommendations games This MOBA Android and iOS 2022. Well, from the list of recommendations games MOBA above, which one is your favourite? Have you played everything?

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