7 games similar to Wordle free and for Android


Test your analytical ability and meet the challenges by discovering the word. These are the games similar to Wordle available for Android.

There is a wide variety of games where you will have the objective of discovering the words (word searches, crossword puzzles, anagrams, scrabble), which put our analytical skills to the test.

One of them is wordle, a fun game that has become very popular because it unites the basic elements of a crossword puzzle. In this game you will only have 6 opportunities to discover the secret word, becoming quite a challenge for fans of this type of game.

7 games similar to Wordle free and for Android

Join the daily challenge and train your brain with this list of word games similar to Wordle. They are for free!

For this you must write words that adjust to the number of boxes present and in each option that you occupy, the letters that make up the hidden word will be marked. The issue with wordle is that it only has one daily hidden word, therefore we will indicate a list of 7 games similar to Wordle totally free that you can have on Android devices.

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Games similar to Wordle free for Android: the 7 best

  • Words for a bird
  • wordle
  • Wordle – Word Challenge
  • Sticky Terms
  • Word Tile Puzzle
  • Word Blitz
  • Kitty Letter

Below you can see some word games similar to Wordle that will exercise your mind, providing you with entertainment for a long time and relaxing you while you overcome each level.

In addition, you will have the possibility to perfect your command in other languages with the diversity of available dictionaries.

Words for a bird

With Words for a bird You will have to unscramble the hidden word that completes the sentence, to find out which one you should be guided by the white square where some of the letters that make up the word will appear.

Then select the scattered letters on the tree to build it, it is not necessary to use all the letters. If you have difficulty you can ask for a clue until you overcome the 15 levels.


It is a game inspired by the original game, however, it fulfills the same functions: discover the hidden word, it is very entertaining and you can download it for free on your Android mobile.

A variety of letters is presented that you will have to choose by sliding your finger forming the word that you consider to be the appropriate one in the shortest possible time. With each level you will accumulate points and expand your vocabulary. If you wish, you can test your mastery of other languages ​​by changing the dictionary.

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Sticky Terms

A new concept when it comes to word games similar to Wordle. Here you will have to make the most of your abstract and critical thinking until discover the word or phrase which is fragmented.

Move, flip, rotate and do whatever it takes to make the parts fit together and form the word. explore and discover 150 words in this matchless word puzzle game.

Word Tile Puzzle

This game presents you with a great scrabble style puzzlewhere you will see several incomplete sentences and you will have to select the ones that make up a whole word.

Is a pretty simple game that will help you exercise your mind and stimulate strategic thinking while you learn vocabulary. It has more than 1000 challenges and missions with which you will get rewards that will help you advance.

Word Blitz

Word Blitz pits you against players to test your skills. It is one of the multiplayer word games that pits you against friends and players from all over the world.

In turn, it allows race against the clock where both players must build words sliding across your screen and rack up as many points as you can.

Kitty Letter

Between the word games similar to Wordlewe have Kitty Letter. This game pits you against a horde of kittens, but don’t be fooled by their cute appearances, they’re explosive.

Your only defense against this lovable menace is linguistics, make words very quickly and in this way you will eliminate the cats that go to your house. Also, you can play solo with an incredible story or in the PvP mode.

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Wordle: No Wait Wordle 24/7

Wordle No Wait Wordle 24-7

Wordle No Wait Wordle 24-7: there are no word limits

Finally, to complete the list of games similar to Wordle in its mobile version and with no daily word limit, we have Wordle: No Wait Wordle 24/7. This game follows the usual parameters of the original, since you will have to discover the keyword of 5 letters in a maximum of 6 attempts.

With each word you place, the letters will be highlighted in three possible colors. If it is gray, it means that the word does not have that letter; if it is yellow it means that the word has that letter and if it is green then the word has the letter and is in the correct position. Play this fabulous puzzle with no word limit.

Join the fever of words and develop your thinking exercising your brain with the various word puzzle and in turn, perfecting your linguistics in the language you want with this great list of best 7 games similar to Wordle free and for Android.

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