6 Recommendations for Exciting Android Online Games, Can Be Boredom and Fatigue Reliever


Anytime Plus – Playing online games has now become an activity that is quite common and many people do. Naturally, because playing online games can indeed be a very fun activity. Moreover, online games can be accessed via Android phones easily and practically. In addition, there are many recommendations for fun and tense Android online games.

For some people, playing games can be a surefire way to get rid of fatigue and boredom. Not only fun, the fun of playing recommended online android games is guaranteed to make you fresher and more enthusiastic. Not only that, recently being a gamer aka game player is also seen as a promising profession. The reason is, from this exciting activity one can earn fantastic income.

So, what are the recommendations for fun and tense Android online games? Just take a look at some of the following lists.

1. Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know Mobile Legends? This online game is very popular and is currently in vogue. So, Mobile Legends certainly deserves to be one in the list of recommendations for online android games. Mobile Legends is a battle royal game that is so exciting because it can be played in a team format, with a total of 5 members.

In the Mobile Legends game, there will be two teams fighting. Players can choose to use the available heroes, where each hero has their own skills and strengths. In addition, each hero also has their own characteristics, including marksman, tank, mage, support, and assassin. So, not only tactics in fighting to identify hero characters and the right selection are also the key to this online game.

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2. Genshin Impact

The second Android online game recommendation is Genshin Impact. This Android online game is classified as an action-RPG game. Has a unique character similar to characters in films and anime series. So, it will be very suitable for anime fans.

Genshin Impact is a game that offers both fun and suspense. Players are required to be able to think strategically and be agile, and control commands and skills. The reason is that in this game, the ability of each player character will be pitted against enemies who are great losers and are good at fighting.

The key to the Genshin Impact game lies in the ability to master the command button. The reason is, the command button in Genshin Impact functions as a navigation to perform various actions such as dodging, aiming, chasing, and attacking enemies.

3. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is also no less exciting than the two Android online game recommendations described earlier. This online game is also very popular among young people, especially game lovers. The excitement of PUBG Mobile lies in the concept of a battle royale where 100 players are brought together in one large area.

In the game play area, the players will compete to survive and win the match. Not only exciting, another attraction of PUBG Mobile also lies in its very charming visual appearance. No wonder, if the recommendation for this one android online game has been proven to make many people addicted.

4. Free Fire

The fourth recommended online game for Android is Free Fire. This game also has a battle royal concept, so it offers fun that is no less exciting than PUBG Mobile and other similar games. In this game, players will compete to beat each other, in order to survive and come out victorious.

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To be able to win, players of course need weapons and other equipment. Those various weapons and equipment will be dropped from aircraft which launches the airdrop. Players must then follow a vertical yellow light as a signpost to find the various equipment they need. The light will dim and disappear when the items in the airdrop have been taken completely.

While collecting equipment, players must also always be vigilant. Because other players’ attacks can appear and occur suddenly.

5. Critical Ops

On the list of recommendations for the next android online game, there is Critical Ops. This game will be perfect for those of you who like lightweight online FPS games on Android. The reason is, this game has a fairly small size and light weight. Even so, this game is still as exciting and tense as its predecessor game, Counter Strike.

In this game, there are two modes that players can play. The first is Death Match mode and the second is Bomb Mission mode. If you want to play an exciting and tense game, then Bomb Mission will be the right choice. Because, when playing this mode, players will be enveloped in a tense atmosphere when they have to defuse bombs.

6. Clash Royale

The sixth and last recommended online android game is Clash Royale. This Supercell game is also very popular among young people who love online games. Just like Critical Ops, Clash Royale also has a small and light size so you don’t have to worry about the memory being full and the cellphone slowing down.

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Clash Royale is a game full of suspense. When playing this online game, players will be required to compete with each other and think of strategies as mature as possible. Because only then, players can defeat the enemy and come out as a winner.

Those are some of the recommendations for fun and tense Android online games. How about you, which one are you interested in trying to play?