6 Best AR Interior Design and Decorating Apps for Android


This AR interior design app for Android makes decorating your home easier than ever.

Home interior design

If you don’t want to change the appearance of a room rely only on your imagination when visualizing it.

Through AR or augmented reality, you can check whether certain furniture, paint colors, and decorative options fit or even fit a particular space. Several interior design apps with AR capabilities are available for Android users.

Each one comes with a variety of features to make upgrade projects easier. You can also have fun by giving that old living room a virtual makeover.

Here are 6 of the best AR design apps to choose from ;

1. Houzz

Design and decoration app

The popular hub for home designers has an app with AR tricks. When uploading photos and browsing products from various online stores, you can see some of them in a more realistic way.

Simply select the item that interests you and click the View in My Room button. This will let you see the chair or mirror where you want to fill. You can take pictures from a variety of settings and come back later when you’re ready to invest in a new look for your space.

Collecting a visual representation of your ideas means that you can then compare them against each other and find the most interesting designs. Unfortunately, the mechanics of Houzz’s AR tools do require some maneuvering to get all the elements right on the screen.

Nevertheless, as far as AR interior design apps go, it’s a useful feature, not to mention versatile. The wide selection of products and brands also means you can find almost anything you need to plan your project and buy it on the spot.

Download: Houzz (Free)

2. Home Depot

Design and decoration app

This is another application that helps AR-based interior design applications. But Home Depot is a high-end brand, which produces software with a much better user experience.

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Although mechanics follow the same process of selecting a product and directing the phone into a room, the overall performance is just smoother. The downside is that the AR feature only supports a few items in the retailer’s catalog, so there’s room for improvement.

But this doesn’t detract from the value of the app. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are buying something online with a good awareness of the dimensions of the item and its overall harmony with the style of the room.

As augmented reality increases, so does the scope of opportunities in the Home Depot app. However, the current foundation is strong, and promises great things in terms of product range, efficiency and convenience of its mobile platform.

Download: Home Depot (Free)

3. Dulux Visualizer

Design and decoration application

When it comes to achieving a new style of a room, finding the perfect color for the walls can be as complicated as choosing furniture. Dulux, as a leading paint brand, offers great solutions in the form of simple but very helpful augmented reality features in its apps.

Instead of making multiple trips to the local store just to test and then pick a color, head over to the Dulux mobile platform. Here you will find the Visualizer button. Tap to activate the AR program and follow a few easy steps.

In the same way as the previous application, point your phone’s camera at the wall you want to paint. Choose a hue from the many available color schemes and tap where the paint should be placed in a virtual representation of your space.

This can include ornaments if Instagram interior design hacks inspire you further into your artistic side. Whatever the case, if the camera is tilted to the right, the Visualizer will fill the area you selected.

Software skills are more than imagining a new environment. The colors offered are in accordance with their respective names. If you like one or more colors, you can quickly note them down or order them there and then through the same app.

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Download: Dulux Visualizer (Free)

4. Wayfair

Design and decoration app

Of the many online home improvement shops with AR options, Wayfair is another one that does it right. You get access to a wide variety of high quality furniture, decorations and other products. And you can immediately see how well it fits the space you’re remodeling.

It’s true, even here, there are minor flaws to deal with, from glitches to layout flaws. But overall the service works pretty well, especially on up-to-date devices.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to carefully assess the dimensions of virtual objects against real spaces. Things like your phone screen and your position in space can mislead you. Keeping these factors in mind helps avoid mistakes.

If you’re serious about home improvement projects, you can even take a free online interior design course. With the intricacies of the business clear in your head, it’s easier to achieve, if not exceed, the style results you desire.

Finally, with careful planning and use of the app’s AR features, you can easily refresh your bathroom or hallway just the way you imagined.

Download: Wayfair (Free)

5. Overstock

Design and decoration app

As a popular and well-supplied retailer of household goods, the Overstock app is the go-to choice for homeowners and Android users alike. US. This software works in much the same way as Houzz.

You select an item you like from the Overstock list, choose to view it in augmented reality, and then use your phone to place a 3D model of the product in your current environment. This technology matches what most retailer interior design apps offer through their AR features.

The difference lies in the software manufacturer’s standards. This program stems from a collaboration between Overstock and Seek, creators of one of the leading AR platforms, in an effort to improve the shopping experience.

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This software delivers just that: a better and user-friendly way to plan your purchases. This is thanks to the developer’s care when designing the program, but also to the substantial Overstock stuff.

Download: Overstock (Free)

6. AirMeasure

Design and decoration app

Finally, when buying furniture or home decor materials, measurement is very important to make the right decision. This can also be helped by AR. If you don’t have a tape measure, AirMeasure is the perfect digital tool for the job.

If you want to measure a wall, for example, all you have to do is point the phone at the desired area. Click where your virtual tape measure will start, then tap where the tape measure should end, and the app automatically calculates the distance.

AirMeasure will make you feel more confident with the size of the sofa you need or the amount of paint needed to cover the entire bedroom. With AR technology on your side, redecorating your home can be a fun and stress-reducing experience.

Download: AirMeasure (Free)

Note: To download the application if in the PlayStore there is a notification “this item is not available in your country”. You have to use a VPN and delete the PlayStore data or the second way by downloading from your browser like ApkPure etc.

Take advantage of Interior Design Apps with AR Features

When it comes to interior design, Android catches up with iOS in the AR scheme. Despite some drawbacks, there are many things you can do with this interior design app.Â

It’s important that you enjoy the experience as much as you can, including the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

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