5 ways to charge a mobile without using the default charger


If you don’t have the default charger, neither a PC nor a power bank to charge your mobile, here are 5 alternatives to recharge its energy.

The charger is a fundamental accessory for the mobile phone, since it is in charge of recharging its energy when it runs out. However, sometimes you may not have the default charger handy, making charging difficult. To help you, in this article we recommend 5 ways to charge a mobile without using the default charger.

These alternatives are also interesting if you do not have a computer or a power bank nearby to connect the phone. In those moments of emergency when the battery threatens to reach 0% and turn off the smartphone, these more unknown ways can appear as a authentic lifeguard. Let’s find out what they consist of.

5 ways to charge a mobile without using the default charger

There are different alternatives to charge the mobile beyond the traditional charger.

5 ways to charge a mobile without using the default charger

Just as it is possible to charge the mobile without electricity, it is also possible to recharge the energy without using the traditional charger that we all know. Mastering these 5 alternatives can be really useful when you don’t have one of these accessories nearby and you urgently need to charge the terminal.

reverse charge

Reverse charging is the procedure that allows charge your phone with the battery of another smartphone. Reverse charging can be done via cable, although there is a requirement to meet: the mobile that passes the energy must be compatible with reverse charging technology.

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This feature is common among the most advanced mobiles from different brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus. For example, models such as the OnePlus 9 Pro, the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G and the Motorola Edge 20 Pro integrate this technology that allows them to share their battery with other terminals.

In addition to having reverse charging, the mobile that is going to send the energy must also be compatible with OTG technology. The latest mobiles they usually have her yes or yes. In case you have doubts, can you use the OTG application? to find out easily.

Once confirmed that the mobile that is going to act as a charger has this OTG technology, you only have to connect both devices with an OTG cable. In online stores like Amazon you can find dozens of different models of these cables.

When you connect the two phones, you will have to activate reverse charging on the host mobile and the “Only charge” option on yours so that it begins to receive power from the other terminal. You should be aware that some manufacturers they prevent their mobiles from sharing battery when its level is around 30%. However, if the battery is full, you shouldn’t have any problems.

In short, to charge your mobile by reverse charging, the most important thing is to have a smartphone that is compatible with this charge and the appropriate cable. Once you have both elements, you can proceed to charge so that your mobile comes back to life.

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Wireless reverse charging

Reverse charging can also be done wirelessly, so the process is easier and faster. In this case, the two participating mobiles must be compatible with wireless charging: one works as a wireless charger and another, yours, only cares about receiving the energy.

Yes You do not know if your terminal has wireless charging, you can use the Wireless Charging Checker app to check. It is free and, in a matter of seconds, it will inform you directly about this information.

Wireless charging is usually also reserved for the most advanced mobiles. To mention some of them, the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Google Pixel 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G are mobiles with wireless charging. To send power to other devices, they also have to have reverse charging.

When you have a mobile with wireless and reverse charging next to you, and you confirm that yours is compatible with wireless charging, you will only have to activate these functions in the settings from each terminal. Then, join both devices at the back and the charging process will begin. When the sending mobile has a low battery level, the process will end for security reasons.

Wireless charger

OnePlus 9 Pro charger horizontally

Wireless charging offers convenience in the charging process.

If your phone supports wireless charging, you can also use a good wireless charger to give it power and get it back to 100%. It doesn’t have to be yours, you can use whatever wireless charger you have on hand.

If you still do not have one of these comfortable accessories and want to get one, remember that there are several things you should take into account before buying a wireless charger. Then you just have to enjoy the convenience offered by this type of wireless charging. Eye, because they also serve to charge other devices with wireless chargingsuch as headphones or smart watches.

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Solar charger

Another alternative to charge your mobile when you do not have the default charger is to use a solar charger for smartphones. As their name indicates, they are chargers that recharge their battery through sunlight. Then, you just have to connect your mobile through a USB cable so that it receives power.

car charger

If you don’t have a traditional charger nearby, but you urgently need to charge your mobile, perhaps the solution is in your car. We recommend that you buy a good USB car charger, so you can recharge your battery when you drive. Some of them have several ports, which will allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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