5 new features of MIUI 13 that will make the update worthwhile


MIUI is one of the most popular customization layers on Android and the latest version of it, MIUI 13, could arrive before the end of the year, as previously anticipated Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

With the arrival of MIUI 13 just around the corner, over the last few days they have been reaching us all kinds of information about the improvements that the new version of the Xiaomi software layer will include And in case you are still not sure whether to update your smartphone to this new version of MIUI or not, we have compiled for you The 5 new features of MIUI 13 that will make this update worthwhile.

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MIUI 13 will arrive very soon and these are the 5 great novelties of the new version of the Xiaomi software layer

A completely redesigned and more minimalist interface

The first of the great novelties of the new version of the Xiaomi customization layer is a new much more minimalist graphical interface which reminds us of the new design of Android 12, Material You.

If you have one of these 118 Xiaomi you have a good chance of receiving MIUI 13

Within this redesign we must first highlight the new look of the MIUI Control Center, which will be divided into two columns: one on the right side with the usual controls for mobile data, Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, screen brightness level and audio volume and one on the left side with a new upper module in which we will be shown information about the amount of free internal memory in the device, the economic balance of the month, the number of daily steps and the total hours of daily use of our terminal.

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Second, the MIUI file manager has also been redesigned to simplify navigation through it and, thus, locate more quickly that photograph or that document that we are looking for.

Thus, its icons have a sharper design and a somewhat clearer tone, and within the security options of the folders of our internal storage it is included a new option titled “don’t show gallery items and screenshots among recent files”.

iOS-style widgets

Another novelty of MIUI 13 is that it will have some new interactive widgetswhich you can see in the images that we leave you on these lines, which will resemble the ones we can see on the iPhone, but they will have their own style.

A new sidebar for faster access to our applications


MIUI 13 will also include a really useful and productive new option: a sidebar called Smart Toolbox where we can include the applications that we use the most on a daily basis to access them in a much faster and easier way.

One-handed improvements

Another new feature of MIUI 13 is the inclusion of a series of improvements in the MIUI one-handed mode such as integrating more inch sizes and a redesign in the purest Android 12 style with rectangles with more rounded corners and duller colors.

Xiaomi: MIUI 13 will have a special indicator to know the battery status in detail

Virtual RAM expansion

But without a doubt, one of the great novelties that will reach all Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO mobiles with MIUI 13 is expanding RAM by making use of its internal storage.

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This new function, which we can activate from the option memory expansionwill allow any device of the Chinese giant increase your RAM by 3 GB morewhich will result in better terminal performance.

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