4 MIUI 13 features you might have missed


MIUI 13, the new version of Xiaomi’s customization layer, has some new features that have gone more unnoticed, but that will be very useful to you.

MIUI 13 is the newer version of the customization layer from Xiaomi. We have already talked at length about it, but even so there are some functions that have gone more unnoticed, but that are just as important in its operation. Specifically, we want to talk to you about 4 MIUI 13 features you might have missed.

Progressively, Xiaomi mobiles are receiving the update to MIUI 13. Therefore, it is possible that your smartphone has already received the great news included in this version. For us, the use of this operating system for a while has led us to discover some more hidden tools whose operation we want to detail step by step. There is no doubt, they are interesting to get the most out of your Xiaomi mobile.

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These 4 features of MIUI 13 may have been overlooked, but they are very useful.

Native scanner application

You do not need to install an application to scan documents on your Xiaomi with MIUI 13, since the customization layer integrates a native app that is dedicated to this function. Inside of application folder called “Tools” you can find a call “Scanner”.

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You just have to open it to digitize photos, documents, files, notes or anything else you need. In addition, this application also serves to scan QR codes, so you’ll also save yourself having to download a QR code reader. In short, an application as useful as it is unknown.

Floating app windows

The hints about MIUI 13 that appeared in July 2021 already pointed to the customization layer coming with a floating window for games. This was confirmed some time later, although the floating window in question can be used with many other apps beyond games.

This new multi-window mode allows you to open up to two floating windows for use two different applications at the same time. You can enlarge the size of one to reduce the other, or comfortably move them around the screen to place them where they best suit you. For example, you can chat on WhatsApp while browsing your photo gallery. This is how you can open a floating window in MIUI 13:

  1. Open the recent apps menu.
  2. tap on the button “Floating Windows” that appears in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap on the app whose floating window you want to open.

Xiaomi: 4 MIUI 13 features you might have missed

Goodbye full screen indicator

If you are one of those who use gesture navigation, you will know that a small indicator always appears at the bottom in the form of a horizontal line. This serves to indicate that they are in full screen, although perhaps does it bother you to always have to see him there and you prefer a cleaner interface. Don’t worry, because MIUI 13 gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the full screen indicator:

  1. Enter the application “Settings”.
  2. Use the search engine above to find the section “System Navigation”.
  3. Once inside it, check the box “Hide full screen indicator”.
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Virtual identity to protect privacy

Another feature of MIUI 13 that you might have missed is “Virtual Identity”, which comes to protect your personal data when you use certain digital services. In this way, you access these platforms with a “fictitious” identity so that the crawlers do not collect your private information. Thus, your privacy will be protected at all times and you will be able to browse with more peace of mind while your true identity is safe.

To enable your virtual identity on a Xiaomi mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the terminal settings.
  2. Access the section “Privacy Protection”.
  3. tap on “Special permissions”.
  4. Go into “Manage Virtual ID”.
  5. check the box “Use Virtual ID” and configure the options to navigate with this private personality.

If you currently do not have any of these functions, but you know that your Xiaomi mobile is updated to MIUI 13, you just have to wait to receive them in the future. Without a doubt, they are tools that will help you get more out of the terminal, from functions such as the scanner to the protection of your online privacy.

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