3 New WhatsApp Features, Can Send 2GB Files and Invite Hundreds of People


droidsnipe.com, Jakarta – WhatsApp continues to develop features to provide a better experience for its users. Recently WhatsApp launched 3 of its newest features.

With this new feature, users can send files up to 2GB and invite hundreds of people in one group.

This new feature update of WhatsApp is of course welcomed by users. Previously, it was only able to send files with a capacity of 100MB, now you can send files up to 2GB.

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This is of course good news for those who like to send files via WhatsApp.

The second feature released by WhatsApp is the ability to react to emoji messages. This emoji reaction is a very useful feature, as previously other apps had it like Slack and Telegram.

Apart from that, all the latest emojis and skin tones will be added in the future.

The last feature of WhatsApp is that there is a twofold increase in the capacity of larger groups. Where previously only allowed for 265 members in one group.

Now with the presence of a new feature, users can invite hundreds of people in one group to become 512 members.

Reporting from The Verge (9/5), WABetaInfo reports that based on a WhatsApp blog post noting that larger groups are being “slowly” rolled out.

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Meta spokesman Vispi Bhopti said that the company expects the reaction to roll out to everyone in “about a week,” but some users already have the feature.

Meanwhile, emoji reactions and increased file size limits are available in the current version of WhatsApp.

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