How to Update Google Play Services on Android to the latest version

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How to update and install the Latest Google Play Services Apk on all Android 2020. Google Play Services is the most important component on an Android smartphone that must be continuously updated. This apps serves to connect the Google service servers with your Android device, and is useful for all Google services such as Google Accounts, Google Play Store Apk, Gmail, Google Maps, to work properly. Read the guide below to find out how to update Google Play Services on your Android device.

How to Update Google Play Services on Android to the latest version

Make sure to keep using the latest version to get the best user experience on your device. How to install and update the latest Google Play Services itself is arguably quite complicated and tricky if you don't know which version is suitable for your device.

Because each Android device can have a different version based on the type and specifications of the device you have (except with the same type of device), it could be that the version of Google services apps that your device has is different from other devices. For example, the version of Google services on your device is not necessarily the same as your friend's other device. But there's no need to be confused, because we will provide a guide to determine which version is compatible with your Android, and how to install it until it's ready to use.

How to Update Google Play Services on All Androids

NOTE !! Before installing Play Services, you should read the guide below to choose which version is most suitable for your Android device. If you choose the wrong option, the Play Services update process will not succeed or fail. Here is a guide to see which version is correct and should be downloaded later.

First you have to know what version of Android is currently running on your device, skip this method if you already know. Open Settings - About Phone then pay attention to the Android Version or Software Information section. This is where you can see which version of Android you currently have.

Enable the install from unknown sources option.

Enabling this option can be different depending on the Android version you currently have and where you will install the Google Play Services Apk from. But you don't need to be confused because usually you will get a warning and pop-up to disable this before installing an apps from outside the Google Play Store.

One way is to open the Settings - Apps menu (you can select / tap the file manager or browser apps that you are currently using). Look for the Advanced - Install unknown apps section - tap Allow from this source.

For certain types and brands of Android smartphones, you can find the unknown source option in the Privacy menu.

How to Identify which Google Services version is suitable for your Android device

Next, you have to know which latest version of Play Services 2020 you need. This is the tricky part because you have to match certain numbers to determine which version matches the device. Below is some information that you should know and Guide how to Identify and Install Correct Google Play Services on Android.

This number is divided into several meanings, namely the Android version, CPU architecture and the DPI of the device. You can find this by looking at the Google Play Services currently installed on your device. Go to Settings - Apps - All Apps / Installed Apps - search for Google Play Services. Here you can see the version number and some numbers in brackets (), pay attention to the initial 6 digits.

An example here is 040406 (this number can be different on each Android). the three numbers indicate the following information:

The first number shows the Android version

0 = Android 4.4.4 KitKat and older

2 = Android 5.0 and 5.1 Lollipop

4 = Android 6.0 and above

9 = Android 8.0 Oreo and above

10 = Android 9.0 Pie

11 = Android 8.1 Oreo

12 = android Q (10) and above

7 = Android 5.0

8 = Android TV

The second number shows CPU architecture

1 = armeabi

3 = armeabi-v7a

4 = arm64-v8a

7 = x86

The third number shows the DPI of the device screen

0 = universal (compatible with all devices)

2 = 160 dpi

4 = 240 dpi

6 = 320 dpi

8 = 480 dpi

How to Identify which Google Services version is suitable for your Android device

See the example image above, there are numbers 040408-, so it means that the device uses the version for Android 6.0 and above, ARM64-v8 architecture, with a 480 DPI screen. So you have to download the latest Google Play Services apk for Android 6.0+ version with arm64-v8a and 480 dpi (or you can download the nodpi version because this version is universal for all screen dpi sizes).

To make it easier to find the information above, you can use the help of apps such as Droid Hardware Info, CPU-Z or AIDA64 and look at the System section, this apps can be downloaded directly from the Play Store or other sources.

Download the latest Update Google Play Services Apk

After reading the guide above and finding which version matches your Android device, you can download the latest Google Play Services Apk here.

That was how to install the latest Google Play Services Apk on all Android. Hopefully this will help you to update and install the latest Play Services. Don't forget to share and follow our social media accounts. Thank you, Happy Android !!

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