Download Google Camera [GCam] 7.4 Pixel 4 Apk for All Android

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Download the Latest Google Camera 7.4 Apk Pixel 4 (GCam Apk) All Android. Google launched their two flagship phones, Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Both Android smartphones carry the latest hardware specifications that are in synergy with Google's latest software. The most important feature of the Google Pixel 4 which is very much in demand is the latest Google Camera 7.4 app.

Since the release of the Google Pixel smartphone, many developers have started making modifications or the Google Camera [GCam] Apk mod so that all owners of non-Pixel Android devices can enjoy it. This latest Gcam pixel 4 mod Apk can function properly on most Android devices. If not, you can still use the old version like version 7.2.

Download the Latest Google Camera (GCam) Apk Pixel 4 All Android

There is no doubt that currently Google Camera is the Best Camera App for Android. This application can help any smartphone to take better photos when compared to the default camera application. The presence of Google Camera 7.0 has been eagerly awaited because starting in this version there is a feature called Astrophotography.

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Google Camera 7.4 Apk Features

The Pixel 4 was released with a number of significant improvements to the photography side, which previous generation device owners could envy. While Google doesn't provide new features for older generation devices, there's no need to be disappointed because this is Android. With lots of developer support from the Android community, the new exclusive features of the Google Camera Pixel 4 and 4 XL can be sampled by our non-pixel Android devices.

Astrophotography, is one of the newest features and made a scene in this mobile photography world. This feature can help the night sight mode be more powerful and resilient. The results of the photos that are produced at night are sharper and have less noise, like the name Astro, the starlight in the sky can also be snapped sharply, especially if we are positioned in a darker place and away from light pollution.

It's very easy to use this feature, users only need to activate Night Sight and keep the phone stable then tap the shutter button after the “Astrophotography on” notification appears.

The latest features carried by Google Camera 7:


Super Resolution Zoom


Focus in Night Sight Mode

Motion Blur

Social Share

Framing hint

New UI

Download Google Camera Apk Pixel 4 All Android

Currently, there are many Gcam versions available from various developers. Some of them are well-known GCam Mod Apk developers such as cstark, parrot, the_dise, etc. Thank them for porting the Google Camera 7.4 Pixel 4, with its Astrophotography feature so that it can be used on non-Pixel devices.

Simply download the Gcam 7.4 APK from the link we provide below then install it like a normal application. The APKs available below can be used on the latest smartphones running Android 10 or Android 9 Pie.

Download link for the latest GCam Pixel 4 Apk for Android

Download using your best flagship browser. Use the latest version or use the old version and compare which results are good.

Google camera Pixel 4 & 4 XL 7.4 Apk by BSG

Pixel 4 Google Camera 7.4 by parrot

Google camera Pixel 4 & 4 XL 7.2 by cstark27

Download GCam Pixel 4 7.3 by Urnyx05

GCam Pixel 4 7.3 Apk by the_dise

How to Install Google Camera Apk

Here is how to install this app on your device. After downloading the application from the link provided above, just install it on your respective Android smartphone. Or follow these guidelines.
  1. First, Enable Unknown Sources, Unknown Sources or Install Unknown Applications option from the system setup menu.
  2. Go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> Special App Access> enable Install Unknown apps. Google Camera APK. The location of the menu can be different depending on the smartphone brand, sometimes it's also in the Privacy menu.
  3. When finished, open the folder where the Google Camera Pixel 4 download files are stored. Use the respective flagship file explorer applications.
  4. After successfully installing. don't forget to give app permissions for Camera, Microphone, Storage and Location access.
  5. Done.
That was the article Download Google Camera (GCam) Apk Pixel 4 for All Androids. Hope this is useful, Happy Android !!

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