2 Easy Ways to Turn Off Friends’ WhatsApp Stories

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

View other people’s uploaded photos or videos in the stories feature WhatsApp can sometimes interfere with user comfort. However, there are two easy ways to turn off a friend’s WhatsApp story.

The story status feature on WhatsApp can only be seen if we save someone’s contact and they also save our contact.

Through this feature, if you can share activities through photos, videos or text belonging to friends. This sometimes makes you uncomfortable. Although the stories will disappear automatically within 24 hours after they were first uploaded.

Not only that, you can also find out who your friends are who see your WhatsApp Story status.

WhatsApp also provides a privacy system if you don’t want certain people in your phone contacts to know your status. You can also choose anyone whose WhatsApp status you can see.

Here are 2 easy ways to turn off your friends’ WhatsApp stories:

1. Remove Number from Contact List

The way to remove a friend’s status from appearing in WhatsApp stories updates is to delete their number from the phone’s storage contacts.

Because, if one of them doesn’t save the contact, you can’t see each other’s WhatsApp status.

To delete a contact, you just need to open the phonebook or phonebook, then select the name of the friend who doesn’t want to share WhatsApp status, then select delete contact.

You can return to the WhatsApp application to refresh and sync your contacts. After that, it automatically disappears from WhatsApp contacts and you are also not bothered by uploading it in the story.

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2. Mute WhatsApp Friends Status

The second way so you can’t see a friend’s WhatsApp status is to select “mute” or mute their status. The difference with the first method is that you can still save the friend’s number in your phone contacts.

It’s easy, open the WhatsApp application, select the ‘Status’ tab then select the contact you no longer want to see status updates in the ‘recent update’ section.

You just need to press and hold the desired contact to bring up the “mute” option. After you select “mute”, you will not see the appearance of your friend’s WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp doesn’t get rid of it, but separates the status to the very bottom so you don’t have to see it.


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