10 Genshin Impact Characters Who Use HP in Battle


Doesn’t feel almost two years old games with visuals anime Genshin Impact is released online global. Not just adding region to explore, but there’s a new lineup of characters to liven up Teyvat’s world. All characters are sure to offer their own uniqueness, there are even Genshin Impact characters who use HP.

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From adding strength shield up to the model staminaand even enmity which often happens meta in Granblue Fantasy, everything is available. With the various uniqueness offered, it is not surprising that more and more players are looking for references, so that matching with playstyle the players.

Let’s dissect everyone Genshin Impact characters who use HP, brot!


This article was created to give an idea who the characters are using Health Points (HP), and not just healing only. Don’t get me wrong, yeah brot!

Types of Benefits of Genshin Impact Characters that Take Advantage of HP

After doing check and recheckwe find the row Genshin Impact characters who use HP in accordance with the roleseach. Below we have separated the characters for easy reading, brot.

Increase Shield Strength Based on Maximum HP

In this category, Genshin Impact characters who use HP can add strength shield based on the character’s maximum HP. By the amount shield more massive, your character will be able to withstand collisions damage which could happen in a matter of seconds.

1. Thomas

Genshin Impact Thoma Build

Thoma is one of many Genshin Impact characters who use HPgive shield or shield based on max HP. Elemental shield Pyro it can be accessed from Elemental Skills and Elemental Burst easily.

However, it must be underlined that the shield it will not exceed the maximum HP percentage owned by Thoma. With cooldown only about 15 seconds, it feels more than enough to save you in a moment of urgency, brot!

2. Zhongli

In the next sequence is one of the favorite characters of most F2P players who are often played with.build so support, daddy Zhongli. To get shield with elements Geo that, the only way is to hold back Elemental Skillsher name is Dominus Lapidis.

Shield with elements Geo it has good durability. Besides that, shieldit can be strengthened by increasing HP daddy Zhongli because his shield increases along with max HP.

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3. Diona

Diona's Impek

Genshin Impact characters that take advantage of HP the other is Diona, the petite one who is the bartender of a tavern Cat’s Tail. Players can get shield from Elemental Skillsher name is Icy Paws.

However, to enjoy benefits from skills This overall includes quite difficult to do. This is due to the duration of shield elemental Cryo It’s based on the number of famous enemies Icy Paws previously. Even so, that duration is still understandable due to power shield this is based on the maximum HP of Diona.

Healing Ability Based on Maximum HP

No games with genre Action RPG feels like it doesn’t exist healer that heals wounds when left by ex hit by enemy attacks. So, this category willcover Your curiosity about which character can provide healing based on maximum HP.

1. Barbara

Barbara Impek

Barbara is one of Genshin Impact characters who use HP to increase the amount of healing done by attacking and defending. Elemental Skills Barbara allows you to heal the character you use, and gives gradual healing, all based on the maximum HP of the healer.

When heal received is still lacking, Elemental Burst Barbara can save you from urgency in no time, brot. The healing produced is quite massive, no wonder this character is often used by new players when doing it co-op look for artifact.

2. Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi Smashes Impek

The character who is often called a ‘betta fish’ whose full name is Sangonomiya Kokomi is also a character who uses a lot of HP, brot. With Elemental Skillshis Kurage’s OathKokomi will summon jellyfish Spongebob’s best friend who gave damage to the enemy while healing the character we use based on Kokomi’s maximum HP.

Elemental Burst-his, Nereid’s Ascensionwill give Kokomi a water shawl with a row buff. During the duration Elemental Burstall attacks will increase damageher, including Elemental Skills. great again, normal and charge attacks will restore a certain amount of HP based on Kokomi’s maximum HP.

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3. Bennet

Genshin Impact Bennett Maximum HP

It seems, it’s no secret that this character who often gets unlucky is one of the Genshin Impact characters who use HP. However, to access it includes requiring a little setup because it can only be accessed via Elemental Burst-his, Fantastic Voyage.

After giving damage once, a small circular zone will appear with icon thumbs up, typical of Bennett. Has a duration of 12 seconds, but is more than enough because the healing received is quite large and based on Bennett’s maximum HP.

4. Xingqiu

Xingqiu Rocks Impact

If I’m honest, this seemingly feminine character named Xingqiu is not pure healer like any other character in this category. The only way to get heal by 6% of this character only through Elemental Skills-his, Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen.

Heal will only be received when the Rain Swords surrounding your character are split or used up. However, for this meager healing compensation, our character will get damage reduction which is quite large.

Additional Damage Based on Maximum HP

Of the many Genshin Impact characters who use HP, it seems that only one character is actually able to fill it. Literally, damage addition is damage which is added when our character meets certain requirements.


Yelan Impek Rumors

This ‘cultured’ character, which is currently quite awaited by the players, seems to be willing to wait until the situation is over developer completely recovered.

Based on leak that has been circulating, Yelan can execute AoE charged attacks which scale based on Yelan’s max HP, has element Hydro. To do so, the player must be in a ‘non-fight’ state for five seconds for Yelan to enter modeBreakthrough‘.

Not just a trifling attack, however Elemental Skills-his, Lingering Lifelineand Elemental Burst-his, Depth-Clarion Dicedealing additional damage, all of which are based on Yelan’s maximum HP.

Still based on leak, damage The resulting addition looks quite massive, even to the touch of the 50s percent with talent maximum.

Consumption of HP to Increase Damage

Taste, cap’high-risk high-reward‘ is very suitable to describe a character who is willing to sacrifice HP to add a row of numbers. Quantity damage which is added has more or less the same concept as the previous category, the difference is that we use the maximum HP percentage to add damage.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao's Impek

One of the characters that is often exhibited for exchange events damage-per-screenshot this is fairly vicious for this one tiny character. Elemental Skills-his, Guide to Afterlifeconsume 30% of Hu Tao’s HP and let him enter Papilio’s Paramita mode.

During the duration Papilio Paramita, damage from Hu Tao can increase up to 400%, don’t be surprised if it becomes a competition damage-per-screenshot, brot. Besides that, normal attack will turn into an element Pyroand will burn it every four seconds thanks to the effect Blood Blossom the.

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To heat up the fight damage-per-screenshot, Elemental Burst-his, Spirit Soothermay Hu Tao give damage which is really massive up to 700% when all requirements are met.

Use HP to Regenerate HP

If the previous category does not match playstyle-you but still want to play aggressively, maybe this category will suit you, brot. Using a certain amount of HP to regenerate HP seems to be more suitable for those who prioritize survivabilityhere.

Shinobu Cookies

Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu Rumor

Based on leak that we made earlier, Shinobu’s Cookies are Genshin Impact characters who use HP offensively and defensively.

This is seen in Elemental Skills-his, Sanctifying Ringwhich fits a little of Kuki Shinobu’s HP to produce damage. During the duration skillsallow the character we use to get healing based on Kuki Shinobu’s maximum HP.

With a duration of 12 seconds with cooldown 15 seconds, Kuki Shinobu can be used to increase damage while healing. It seems, Genshin Impact characters who use HP this will be suitable for those of you who want to be aggressive but tend to play it safe.

The final word

Well that’s him 10 Genshin Impact characters who use HP at the moment. It is possible that there will be other characters that will be added in list this is in line with the development of Genshin Impact in the future.

Are there any of your favorite or coveted characters that are included in list this?

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